Kamakura Welcome Guides

Tourists from all over the world enjoy our free guided tour.

Application Procedure

Here are "how to apply" and the terms and conditions.

Application Procedures

1. How to Apply
Please make an application on this site.
Making an application
Please apply between 3 months and 2 weeks before your desired tour date. If your tour party is more than 15 people, please apply earlier than 3 weeks before the tour date.
Please note that our guides are available throughout the year, except from Dec.25th to Jan.7th. For your information Kamakura tends to get crowded on weekends and holidays. Please plan your tour schedule with this in mind.
After you make an application, we will send a receipt of your application to the email address you specified in your application. Please keep it for your reference.

2. Assigning Tour Guide(s)
We will recruit a tour guide appropriate for your request.
(If no tour guide is available, then your application cannot be met.)

3. An Assigned Tour Guide Contacts You
If we find and assign an appropriate tour guide, that tour guide will contact you at the email address specified in your application.
Please use email to arrange with the assigned tour guide about details such as:
Meeting time and meeting point
Contact information for each other
Your requests and questions on the tour

4.On the Tour Day
You just come to Kamakura as planned with the tour guide.
The tour guide will be waiting for you. Look for the following KWGA flag as a landmark.

Terms and Conditions of the Reservation-Based Guided Tour
Application Your application must be lodged between 3 months and 2 weeks prior to the tour date.
If your tour party is more than 15 people, please apply earlier than 3 weeks before the tour date.
The number of tourists for an application is limited to 40.
Applicants Available to international tourists and foreigners residing in Japan.
Accompanying Japanese can attend the tour. However, we do not accept independent Japanese applicants.
Guide Fee No guide fee is required.
However, there are costs that you must pay as follows:
1. your transport expenses and admission to shrines, temples and other facilities; and,
2. the tour guide's transport expenses to come to guide you, any transport during the tour, and their admission to the shrines, temples and other facilities. Please confirm how much the total cost would be with the guide(s) beforehand.
Working Hours Our working hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The whole tour should take no more than 5 hours excluding lunch break.
Meeting Point We meet up only in Kamakura area.
Please agree on the meeting point with our tour guide.
Look for the following KWGA flag as a landmark.
Others Since we are a nonprofit organization, we do not accept any application either directly or indirectly from a tourist agency.
If you have other questions, please go to FAQs.
If you find no answers to your specific questions in FAQs, contact us at
E-MAIL: info@kamakurawelcome.guide
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